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My name is Koos Dorssers, 47  years. Living in Venlo, the Netherlands.

I have travelled to Brazil several times and of course visited the magnificent Iguacu Falls.

For 2 days I walked around with open mouth to see all the spectacular sites and views. I loved it.

Alas there was not enough time to visit the Itaipu dam, but I was more than satisfied.

I hope you will find the time and opportunity also to go there !

Enjoy !

Kind regards,



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  1. Iguazu Falls Tours guy says:

    Iguacu is absolutely the most beautiful place I have ever seen ! It is spectacular ! Not just see it in a movie on Youtube or so, but go there : feel the water, hear the thunder, feel and see the joy of people and nature, take a boat, see the jungle, and so much more !

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