A tour of La Boca Barrio (Caminito) in Buenos Aires, Argentina-argentina tour

One of the most colorful and touristy areas you can visit in Buenos Aires is Caminito located in the heart of La Bocca Barrio (nieghborhood). Here you can enjoy overpriced meals, tango shows, souvenir shopping and people watching as you marvel at all of the colorful architecture. Nearby is where the Boca Juniors football club plays its home games. Overall, we feel it’s worth a visit but is not an area you’d need to linger or return again.

A tour of La Boca Barrio (Caminito) in Buenos Aires, Argentina Travel Video Transcript:

So new vlog from Buenos Aires. Today we are visiting a neighborhood called La Boca. And it is know for its very colorful buildings and it is actually very touristy which means the prices here are quite high. Yeah, we just got absolutely fleeced for lunch. It was one of the most expensive meals we’ve had in South America and it was to be honest disgusting. But you know what we got charged one price for pasta and then like an extra five dollars for the tomato sauce. And then they charged us, with my parents, and they charged us like what like almost fifteen dollars for service. It was outrageous. Anyways, we’re going to make the most of this afternoon and forget about that awful meal. Let’s forget the meal and go sightseeing.

This tree has a knit sweater.

So to tell you a little bit about the neighborhood. It was settled by Italian immigrants and this area is in the southeast end of the city and it is right at the mouth of the river and that is how Boca gets its name. Boca, means mouth. Um, and yeah, there are a few streets that are very touristy; however, if you wander away from Caminito and that general area it is a little rough around the edges so we’re going to try and show you both sides. Touristy Boca and regular old Boca.

So right now this is touristy Boca. Lots of restaurants. You can watch Tango shows on the street. Yes, you can pose and pretend to be a tango dancer. Yes, you can pose with football players who looks like famous football players. Yeah, there is a guy who looks like Maradona. And he even has a beer belly just like him. Impressive! And you can also buy souvenirs. There is a flea market around here and also just lots of souvenir shops.You can lighten the load of your wallet. A great place to do that.

So Sam, you don’t really follow football but can you tell us who you are standing next to? I don’t follow football but I know enough that is Maradona. The only and only. Maradona!

Little anecdote for us. Yes, one of the funniest comments we’ve had on our YouTube channel recently was during our Cholitas wrestling match. Someone said the referee looked just like Maradona. And now that I’m seeing Maradona statues all over the place and impersonators. That was a very very clever observation. He totally did. He totally looked like Maradona.

And now for a spin around less touristy Boca. Yeah. No crowds here. It’s a lot quieter. A lot quieter, we’re just walking along the rail-tracks. We’re actually heading towards the stadium. Yes, because football is a big deal here. This is where Boca Juniors comes from. And, oh, they love their futbol. Yes, they do.

And we came all the way to Boca to meet Messi. Number 10.

So for the hardcore football fans another cool thing you can do in Buenos Aires is visit the Boca Juniors stadium. It is called La Bombonera and that means the chocolate box. I don’t really think it looks like a chocolate box. I mean it is this giant yellow stadium. A colorful chocolate box. But yeah, it is right over there. So let’s go check it out.

Final thoughts. Boca! Boca! Okay. I’ve been to Boca once before and I think one visit is probably enough. I mean, once you’ve seen the touristy bits there isn’t a whole lot to do in my opinion. Um, so yeah nice for like half day visit I’d say. Maybe have a meal but not in the main road or you’ll get ripped off. A one time only deal. One time only. I agree with you. I totally agree with you. Yeah. Yep. Okay. Good!

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40 Responses to “A tour of La Boca Barrio (Caminito) in Buenos Aires, Argentina-argentina tour”

  1. Tu Papa Oite says:

    Queres conocer la cultura, gastronomía, y un hermoso paisaje.. Hubieras venido a córdoba… Que me venis con bs.as

  2. 2kewl forskool says:

    I’m surprised nobody tried to beat you up and steal your phones and wallets .

  3. Leonardo Caneda says:

    No hay barrio mas cultural que La Boca. Si vas de dia y tenes un mínimo de cuidado la vas a pasar genial. Es un barrio hermoso que ningún turista se tendría que perder.

  4. CARLOS Reyes says:


  5. Lance Vance Dance says:

    Señores yo soy de Boca desde la cuña.. ♫♪

  6. Daniel Bianchi says:

    Los que te dicen que no vayan a La Boca seguramente son simpatizantes de River Plate un equipo de aqui que se fué a la "B", Caminito y la bombonera es una visita obligada para los turistas…saludos🙋

  7. JJ Ryan says:

    That Messi statue is more realistic than the one they just unveiled in Buenos Aires

  8. Pablo rd says:

    visitar la boca es una mala idea y una total perdida de tiempo. es una trampa para turistas, ademas es uno de los barrios mas peligrosos, donde hay mucha droga. les recomiendo que no vayan y si van no se alejen de la zona turistica.

  9. mcatv says:

    Well..the beauty of "La Boca" is exactly what you get there. It did not change much as how immigrants saw it and shaped it at first. Consider it a historical "living monument". The Stadium is something that changed and advanced to show that when advancements need to be done, they are done.

    But the neighborhood, the district of "La Boca" has a more personal and symbolic meaning for us than it should have for the sake of tourists´ entertainment. We only made it "reachable" for tourist. To see some very iconic core of Buenos Aires. But it was never planned to be arranged, changed or adjusted for them.

  10. Marcelo A. Rodriguez Cancelo says:

    But Sam if we are the Paris of Latin America we need to charge acordingly!!!.. … that's a joke! I'm sad you had a poor gstronomic experience there. The only people visiting la Boca are tourist or kids in Elementary School. If you order pasta in a restaurant in Buenos Aires you pay extra for the sauce (so this is not something unique to la Boca restaurants). You were bold walking in the non tourist áreas of la Boca. Almost two years ago a Canadian guy in la boca was amost robbed. http://www.lanacion.com.ar/1727913-alex-hennessy-el-turista-que-grabo-el-violento-robo-que-sufrio-en-la-boca

  11. Daniel Martel says:

    2:26 jajajjaja

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    you guys make the coolest videos , me and my sister like to see it . do visit india . i wish you could see the state of karnataka .

  13. Nubianette says:

    Sam, are you still limping? Poor you!

  14. Alaska North 99501 says:

    I enjoy all the places you go! I need to know your traveling secrets! You should come to Alaska sometime😃

  15. TheHongfei says:

    love the color palette of this vid. always having fun by watching your vids.

  16. scca1408 says:

    Idk but Argentina reminds me to Washington DC. and that part to Brasil.

  17. Bill Green says:

    I LOVE the colors! Sam and Audrey fit right in. Sam with his brightly colored cap and Audrey with her bright lipstick, bright blue top and the colorful necklace.

  18. Evan's Backpacking Videos says:

    Appreciated your honest review of the neighborhood … I've been there once too and wouldn't return — better things to see in Buenos Aires — but I AM glad I went there once (and didn't eat there.) Hope you make it to Tigre near BA and Colonia in Uruguay!

  19. Abram L says:

    hahaha the restaurant experience cracked me up…lol not cool but it's an experience to remember:)

  20. Respondon says:

    Name & shame the place ¡pa' k no lo visitemos!

  21. Celeste HDZ :v says:

    Que hermoso depa 😀 me suscribo

  22. myribou23 says:

    Esta hermoso!!!


    Me encanto la decoración

  24. Guada Leto says:

    Qué lindo depa !! Hermoso la decoración , amé el azul del sillon !!! que lindo flor <3

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    está más lindos que el que tenías antes pero igual re lindo😘

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    Que lindo!! No conocia Airbnb (solo de nombre). Esta buena como opcion diferente a los hoteles

  29. Isaias Varela says:

    Hola Flor! Me encantaría conocerte, venís a Cordoba?

  30. Vanesa Rybczuk says:

    Muy lindo el departamento Flor!! Espero el de NY!!! Ese queremos ver 🙂

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    Gracias Flor! No sabia nada sobre el airbnb .. supongo q sera mas economico que quedarse en hoteles!! 🙂

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    Q lindo

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    Cuando vi tu foto en Instagram pensé que era el tour del depto de New York y pensé "¡¿lo hizo antes de los 50.000 seguidores?!" 😂😂. A ese video también lo espero!
    La decoración del departamento es lo más 😍

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    Me encanta la deco ✨vengo de Instagram ✨💕♥️💕me encanta con la felicidad y las ganas q le pones a todos tus videos😘

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