Iguazu Falls, Brazil | Waterfalls & Rat-Cats! | South America Travel Vlog E09-brazil iguazu falls tours

After our fail day yesterday we’re up and ready to explore Iguazu Falls! The falls are split between Brazil & Argentina and we’ve heard the Brazil side isn’t as impressive so we thought we should do that first!

Getting there from Puerto Iguazu was super easy..we took the bus from the central bus terminal (40 pesos each way), it waited for us on both sides of the border then dropped us off directly outside the entrance to Iguazu falls!

Once we were in the park, a bus takes you to the entrance to the falls. We got off 1 stop early (opposite the hotel) & walked the trail alongside the river..totally worth it!

**Travel Day – 01/06/17 | Iguazu Falls, Argentina & Brazil, South America**

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5 Responses to “Iguazu Falls, Brazil | Waterfalls & Rat-Cats! | South America Travel Vlog E09-brazil iguazu falls tours”

  1. madago says:

    These animals are called coatíes, Coatí in singular. They are relatives of the raccoons.

  2. Delightful Travellers says:

    Fantastic video. Well done! We truly enjoyed it.

  3. JD AroundTheWorld says:

    Those waterfalls are amazing. I see you guys are in coats, how cold is it there at the moment?

  4. ben mccarthy says:

    Those falls are insane!! watching yours and heaps of other Travel Vlogs and getting super excited for the USA!!!

  5. Donna Hoyt says:

    Wonderful waterfalls. Awesome. Can't wait til tomorrow's. Have fun guys. Great vlog entry

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