Suicide at Niagara Falls – Suicidio en las cataratas del Niagara-cataratas del niagara


Reporterii “National” au intrat in posesia unui filmulet
a Russian tourist shooting with your camcorder, the impressive waterfall of Niagara Falls from the Canadian side. The huge sound of “thunder of water” as they called the Iroquois accompanies the quiet day of vacation. But this is disrupted first by the sound of sirens sounding in the distance, perhaps as a prelude to the disturbing object floating on water. Is the naked body of a woman swept away by the strong current of the river about 32 kilometers per hour goes hopelessly towards the big jump over 50 meters …

31 de mayo de 2011 Alex Fediakov un turista ruso filma con su cámara de vídeo, el impresionante salto de agua de las cataratas del Niágara desde el lado canadiense. El enorme ruido del “trueno del agua” como lo llamaban los indios iroqueses acompaña el tranquilo día de vacaciones. Pero esto se ve alterado primero, con el sonido de sirenas de emergencia que suenan en la lejanía, como antesala tal vez del inquietante objeto que flota sobre el agua. Es el cuerpo desnudo de una mujer que arrastrada por la fuerte corriente del río de unos 32 kilómetros por hora se dirige sin remedio hacia el gran salto de más de 50 metros de altura.

Con los ojos cerrados y desnuda parece la versión moderna del cuadro de Ofelia pintado por Sir John Everett Millais. Óleo que representa la trágica muerte de este personaje de Shakespeare que aparece en Hamlet.

El cadáver fue rescatado horas después por el barco “Dama de la Niebla” ante la mirada atónita de los turistas. La noticia del suicidio de hasta el momento desconocida mujer, no hubiera pasado de una pequeña reseña en los periódicos locales si no se hubiera filmado, seria una más en la lista de 20 o 25 suicidas que cada año deciden acabar con su vida en este idílico
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Vacaciones en Canada, Cataratas Del Niagara, Toronto, Quebec y Montreal.
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21 Responses to “Suicide at Niagara Falls – Suicidio en las cataratas del Niagara-cataratas del niagara”

  1. Hot Rockin Ronnie says:

    i laughed her over the falls.

  2. Sanchai Si says:

    rest in peace to you girl ..

  3. sierra m says:

    i cant get that"Oh my gad" out of my head!

  4. VOOODOOO says:

    bet she regretted it last second, she was back paddling

  5. Jai Munro says:

    This actually isn't a fake if you do some research 

  6. vitor Sossai Batista says:

    She forgot the barrel…

  7. piotretype says:

    Como es posible que sobrevivio

  8. lisandro soule says:

    kaput y la puta que te pario

  9. FallnAngel143 says:

    You were close with the Japanese statement.

  10. FallnAngel143 says:

    Indeed real. You can find videos of people being asked questions about witnessing this. I don't believe it was an attempt at suicide though. The girl was 19 year old Korean student there for school or vacation. When she tried posing for a picture, she went over. I've heard this is a common occurrence.

  11. fuzzypaws17 says:

    I bet she was Japanese….

  12. theplaidmonkey says:

    i knew a kid who tried to take his own life in a similar way. he survived. he ended up becoming a paraplegic. he said it was not peaceful. it wasn't beautiful or liberating. it was painful. it was hell. and he wishes he had chosen life instead. now he fights every day to be positive. 

  13. barlowdance says:

    was she already dead?

  14. ahhhzzz says:

    "Nobody didn't call the police" means no one did not call and also means some one DID call the police. Learn English.

  15. Christopher Doubt says:

    Ain't nothin peaceful about Niagara Falls. The impact at the bottom of Niagara Falls isn't so much one single impact. You would end up bouncing off several outcroppings of rock and there's a chance that you'd live (not a good chance, but good enough to really suck).
    If you still like the idea of dying in the water, take up white water kayaking :P

  16. Christopher Doubt says:

    No that's on the Canadian side for sure. 

  17. saranoid says:

    I am also a lifetime resident of Niagara,
    and can confirm this is a frequent event.

    Niagara Falls continues to sadly be one of the top "suicide locations"
    in the world, but I want to educate anyone who MISTAKENLY thinks it will be
    a "quick and painless" option:

    Several people have survived plunges over Niagara.

    There is NO guarantee the fall will kill you.
    There are lots of big rocks down there,
    and the churning waters at the bottom can also "trap" you.

    Suicide is not the answer, seek help.

  18. Jon CRS says:

    I live in Montreal and people jump infront of the subway train every week.

  19. Jon CRS says:

    Defs on the American side.

  20. Brendan Gannon says:

    then go jump off a waterfall…. no one cares

  21. xavi-loco jimenez says:

    Por que si dices que estas en el lado de canada te montas en maid of the mist de usa jajjaja

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