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First to Fly -fly to iguazu falls

by Claudio.Ar Who was the first person to fly? Now when I say fly I mean sustained, controlled flight in a heavier-than-air aircraft. Was it that snappy dresser from Brazil Alberto Santos Dumont? His countrymen fervently think so. His first flight was on October 23, 1906. It was recognized by Brazilians and by the French […]


Fly Fishing, Fly Dream -fly to iguazu falls

by wallygrom Hooray!  The festive Middle Autumn Day is around the corner and I finally have chance to realize my dream, that is to say, travelling to the sea and going angling. You know, I’m a new graduate longing to watch the expansive sea and crazy about fishing.  What’s more it’s first time for me […]


iguazu falls from the air

Some cool fly to iguazu falls images: iguazu falls from the air Image by dandeluca This was amazing — i had a window seat flying to iguazu, and had an incredible view of the falls from the air. It’s like a giant wide plateau of water that just drops off on one side. 062311-55 Image […]



Check out these fly to iguazu falls images: 062311-58 Image by Sarah Twitchell 062311-60 Image by Sarah Twitchell Trilha das Cataratas. Image by Elias Rovielo Keep flying.


Iguazu Falls from the Brazil side

A few nice fly to iguazu falls images I found: Iguazu Falls from the Brazil side Image by larahsk birds are flying arond in the mist 062311-57 Image by Sarah Twitchell


b fly

A few nice fly to iguazu falls images I found: b fly Image by gre9orio flycatcher Image by lergik What’s the time? Oh, 14:03, 21/10/05 Image by Phillie Casablanca Butterfly at Iguazú Falls, on the Argentinian border with Brazil.

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