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IGUAZU FALLS Argentina | ZuzArt-what to do at iguazu falls

The best thing I’ve ever seen! Iguazu Falls – beautiful waterfalls on the border of Brazil and Argentina. This should be on everyone’s bucket list ­čśÇ If you like it please subscribe my channel here: and visit my website: Follow me: Iguazu Falls, Iguaz├║ Falls, Iguassu Falls, Igua├žu Falls, Cataratas del […]


What’s in my bag? 1 November, 2006

Check out these what to do at iguazu falls images: What’s in my bag? 1 November, 2006 Image by urbanmkr Posted for the what’s in your bag group.


Iguazu Falls – Beautiful nature-what to do at iguazu falls

The Iguazu Falls are one of the most beautiful and impressing natural wonders in the world. The Iguassu falls consist of 20 large and 255 small waterfalls and is 2.7-kilometre-long. The falls are part of the Argentine National Park Iguaz├║ and the Parque Nacional do Igua├žu in Brazil.

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