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Argentina Travel Attractions – The Iguazu Falls-what to do in iguazu falls

Take a tour of Iguazu Falls in Argentina — part of the World’s Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats. Stretched along the border between Argentina and Brazil, lie the splendid Iguazu Falls. Argentina’s, Iguazu National Park and Brazil’s Iguacu National Park are also divided by these mighty falls. A Spanish explorer was the first […]


Niagara Falls In Canada -what to do in iguazu falls

by Deni Williams Niagara Falls. It’s shared by Canada and the United States, but I think when most people dream of going to see the falls, they want to see the Horseshoe Falls… and that’s on the Canadian side… the side with what we think is, arguably, the best view. Half a century ago, it […]


What to Do When Your Marriage Falls Apart -what to do in iguazu falls

by Deni Williams The question, what to do when your marriage falls apart, has been discussed a million if not a trillion times. In addition, many answers have been provided but couples still fight and stress each other. Here are some of my personal tips on what you can do to make yours work. This […]

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