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If you visit Buenos Aires your first move will be to establish yourself comfortably in a Buenos Aires apartment or a Buenos Aires hotel.  These range from simple inexpensive lodgings to the most sumptuous and luxurious accommodation that you could ever dream of.  Although there are many available, your best bet is to explore the websites, check all your options out, and book beforehand.  This way you won’t be disappointed if there is a glut of tourists and visitors when you come for your holiday. You won’t have to settle for something inferior to what you were hoping for, and you won’t be faced with a shock when you find out the price of the accommodation that you chose.

Once you are comfortably settled, you are most likely to want to see something of the City of Buenos Aires.  Many people like to take a guided bus tour to get a good overview of the city, and then, if they are fit enough and energetic enough, they may like to take walking tours of some of the barrios that really appealed to them.  When you tour on foot you experience an intimacy with the areas that you never get from a coach or automobile window.  You mingle with the people of Buenos Aires as well as the tourists, you hear, see and smell the individuality of the cafes, restaurants, and fast foods.  You get caught up in the buzz and excitement or perhaps the calm and tranquillity of the different barrios, which all have their own unique atmospheres.  When you walk and experience close at hand, you come back to your hotel or apartment with the feeling that you have actually lived for a short while with the real Buenos Aires.

You have a choice of going with a group of tourists with a walking tour guide, or going it alone.  Both are worthwhile adventures.  It would probably be best to choose the guided tours first, unless you are very familiar with the landmarks and attractions of the city.  You will find a wide variety of different tours.  Some may choose an area or barrio, others a theme, such as the parks, trees and gardens to enjoy.  Others will take you to the more famous landmarks, monuments and museums, while still others will guide you on a shopping tour to show you where you can have the best shopping sprees later at your leisure.  Then there are tours to the beauty spots, best dining and nightlife areas.  Some people even choose to tour the business hub of Buenos Aires, and perhaps the political landmarks and buildings.

Any of these areas you can come back to later, and spend more time there.  For instance you may have discovered a shop with fabulous books, antiques or curiosities or a museum with artworks that need a whole day to examine.  That is why it is better for this part to be the third part of your narrowed down walking tours.

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