Relaxing Nature Sounds-8 Hours-Waterfall Sound-W/O Birdsong-Relaxation-Meditation-hd waterfall pictures

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With this video I have edited out the birdsong as many of you have requested some of my videos with just the sounds of flowing water, I hops you enjoy it.

Below is a list of my 8 Hour Nature Sound videos with a brief description of each video and a direct link to each one, do let me know which ones you like best as this helps me when choosing new locations to film.

8 Hours in one of the most picturesque Irish woodland locations with a rocky waterfall on a mountain river and the air filled with birdsong:-

8 Hours in a tranquil bluebell wood as a gentle breeze blows through newly unfurled leaves and birds sing natures melodies:-

8 Hours sitting on the river bank of a rocky mountain stream as it wends it’s way seawards, birds perching on the overhanging branches delight your heart with their music, water tumbling over the rocky river bed:-

8 Hours in one of the most peaceful meditative locations in Ireland, by a reflective pool on a gentle mountain stream, the air around you filled with the soothing sound of water flowing and birdsong:-

8 Hours by the lake shore under a warm summer sun, gently lapping water and peaceful birds singing:-

8 Hours on the river bank, a gentle mountain stream beneath your feet, soothing birdsong above your head in the moss covered branches of ancient Irish woodland:-

8 Hours on the moss covered floor of a native Irish woodland amongst gently swaying flowers of wild garlic and bluebells, birdsong in the ash and beech trees above:-

8 Hours of the relaxing sound of water dripping inside the mouth of one of Irelands most picturesque caves along with the gentle sound of the tiny stream as it meanders it’s way past your feet;-

8 Hours beside a sacred Irish spring well as it’s healing waters mix with a peaceful mountain stream flowing by your feet and soothing early summer birdsong:-

8 Hours of a roaring picturesque waterfall beneath a canopy of native Irish woodland, keep the volume high for a dramatic experience or low for a more peaceful tranquil experience:-

8 Hours of relaxing sounds of a miniature waterfall as a mountain stream cascades through moss covered rocks:-

8 Hours of soothing waterfall sounds and the relaxing sound of birdsong

8 Hours beside a sacred Irish spring well as it’s healing waters mix with the peaceful sound of a mountain stream flowing by your feet:-

8 Hours in one of Irelands most picturesque landscapes, by the Ashley waterfalls Connemara, County Galway.

8 Hours of tranquility with this picturesque scene and the soothing sounds of waterfalls and ambient birds singing.

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This 4K video of nature with mountains, rivers, waterfalls, sunsets, stars and clouds was shot in Chile, Argentina and Dominican Republic. “Planet Patagonia” & “Dreamlapse” time lapse films are available in original quality in 4K UHD and 1080p on ❤ ❤ For licensing questions, please contact us: ➝➝ License NOT REQUIRED for homes, offices, restaurants, waiting rooms, etc! Re-uploading and unauthorized use PROHIBITED!!!

Feel free to embed this 4k video on your website by using the code provided above under “share” button! Although, re-upload on Youtube and other unauthorized use is strictly prohibited! You can run 4K content on your computer but it must have a 4K capable graphic card, a 4K monitor. enough GPU power and RAM memory.

Downloadable formats in crystal clear quality: 4K video in mp4 for UHDTV and 1080p video for HDTV, computers and tablets. 4k master files for licensing: bit rates approx. 600Mb/s in Photo jpeg .mov format, other formats upon request. Visit for more information.

4K time lapse nature scenery captured in the following national parks and reserves (Chile and Argentina)

1. Laguna del Laja National Park
2. Reserva Nacional Malalcahuello
3. Conguillío National Park
4. Reserva Nacional China Muerta
5. Villarrica National Park
6. Puyehue National Park
7. Llanquihue National Reserve
8. Torres del Paine National Park
9. Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego
10. Los Glaciares National Park (Perito Moreno Glacier)
11. Nahuel Huapi National Park

Main Locations in Chile and Argentina
Torres del Paine, Bariloche, Lonquimay volcano, Lago Mascardi, Lago Pehoe, Laguna Negra, Lago Perito Moreno,Cerro Catedral, Cerro Paine Grande, Gutierres Lake, View over Llao Llao, View from Condor Mirador, View from Cerro Otto, Laguna verde, Conguillio, Laguna del Torro, Rio Manso near Tronador, Rio Ascensio near campamento Chileno, River near Puyehue volcano, Camping Chileno, Ascensio Valley, Rio Manso near Alerces cascade, Rio Truful-Truful, Conguillio National park, Calbuco Volcano, Los Lagos, Petrohue river with Calbuco in view, Los Lagos, China Muerta, Leon waterfall, Pucon, Salto La China, Pucon, Salto de la princesa, Puyehue, Llaima volcano, Ruta 40 Patagonia, Mountains near El Calafate, Las Torres del Paine, Ascensio valley, Puntiagudo volcano, Tronador, east side, Perito Moreno Glacier, Calafate, and many many more.

Locations in Dominican Republic:

Nearby towns: Cabrera, Sosua, Cabarete, Puerto Plata, Las Terrenas, Rio San Juan, Sabaneta de Yasica, Jamao al Norte.

4k UHD 2160p time lapse video composed from Canon 5D Mark 3 raw image sequences with native resolution – 5760 × 3840

Time lapse photography and 4K video rendering by videographer Dmitry Sergeev.
Shot in Chile, Argentina (Planet Patagonia) and Dominican Republic (Dreamlapse).


2. 💗 Relaxing Music 24/7 Nature Live Stream 🌙 Peaceful Sleep Music, Spa, Yoga, Meditation Music : as well as

3. Super relaxing music with nature sounds:

4. 4K Video ❤ Most Beautiful Sunsets of the Caribbean in Ultra HD:

5. Relaxing Music in HD Video (1080p) with Amazing Nature Scenery – 6 Hours:

6. Tropical Ocean Sounds with Amazing Beach Sceneries – 4 Hours:

We’re also experimenting with Play Doh stop motion for kids with such characters as Peppa Pig, Hulk, Frozen Elsa and more Peppa Pig Play Doh Halloween Animation with Surprise Eggs:
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40 Responses to “Relaxing Nature Sounds-8 Hours-Waterfall Sound-W/O Birdsong-Relaxation-Meditation-hd waterfall pictures”

  1. Honour Gaming says:

    This actually helps with my anger

  2. Mary Welinski says:

    need the sound for my timnitus

  3. князь мира says:

    Great "music" video, thank you

  4. Primordial Om says:

    This makes me sleep very well thank you

  5. Rose101 says:

    Very,very, therapeutic for tinnitus sufferers. The soothing sound tricks the brain into believing all the sounds are from the waterfall. To prove this, if you switch the sound off there is a short period of blissful quiet. Highly recommended.

  6. Hermesacat says:

    I can't claim to be glad I acquired tinnitus (chronic ringing of ears) 8 months ago from attending a loud rock concert but I AM glad my unwanted tinnitus led me to discover your water sound uploads. Not only do they work beautifully as white noise that effectively masks the condition making me completely & blissfully unaware of the ringing, temporarily – but the water sounds are also so relaxing, mood improving, & quasi-mantra-like-meditative in their effect that they'd be a great boon even I didn't have tinnitus. A boon I likely wouldn't have discovered without having my ear damage. Odd how your uploads have become an unexpected silver lining to an unwanted ear-damage condition. I owe you. Thank you.

  7. Steff Jones says:

    can't sleep without this one playing! Absolutely Love this without the bird song's. those seem to startle me from my relaxed state. but this it's just right!! thank you again for posting this, I couldn't thank you enough!!

  8. Debra Fremin says:

    this is so relaxing.

  9. Bryan Wilson says:

    Johnnie is an Artist

  10. Driss Dris says:

    it better without song bird, it will be moor better with song bird each three or for minutes, not continuous (excuse my bad english)

  11. Athina Ch says:

    Marvellous!! Very nice video!! Thank you!! 🐇🐅

  12. Shani Shani says:

    Beautiful. Zzzzzz…..

  13. All İnclusive says:

    Love this

  14. Uke Nut says:

    When were tenting across Canada some years back, we slept beside a little waterfall like this one night and my father said it was the best sleep he'd ever had !

  15. obiron kenobi says:

    love this….. I'm a 56 year old truck driver who is constantly driving thru Los Angeles and needed something like this…….

  16. obiron kenobi says:

    love this

  17. Adria Dobson says:

    I love this, great meditation sounds 😊

  18. La maestra Sonia says:

    Stupende le immagini e le musiche direttamente dalla natura!!!

  19. Squeesplort Kitteh says:

    Love this

  20. Candace Rickborn says:

    Your videos are really beautiful and relaxing. I like the ones without the bird sounds. Sorry birds 🙁

  21. 1nV1s1bL3 says:

    Gece 3 netten yemiyor inadına 4 k açtım orospu çocukları noldu ananı sikeyim netmaster

  22. 看看 TV says:

    0ne year from the first times. Now i watch it everyday. thanks for best videos

  23. Heather Johnson says:

    Beautiful! More animals in their natural setting, please. I loved the Llamas!
    I wonder if they name their baby Llamas "Dolly"? Dolly Llama? EnJOY!

  24. HunterThird says:

    watching this with my S8+ 😍

  25. Sisothe Brilliant says:


  26. OrdinaryCassetteNerd says:


  27. wiztafa says:

    Raging 2mbps download speed came to watch this in max quality to see how it feels and tbh fking sucks and still waiting.

  28. NandoTheBR says:

    I used this to lag my sister xd


    Watching in my iPhone 6s

  30. kthxbye says:

    R.I.P my CPU

  31. 0verBoardGamer says:

    This is some nice 280p

  32. SukateesHatesLife says:

    If it is called 4k but the quality is 2160p why isnt the quality Something like 4320p or just be like 2k, it is disturbing to me

  33. Emerald Finder says:

    i put it on 4k and broke my monitor

  34. Jarod Messier says:

    this shit must have taken 700 hours to upload

  35. Fisher Isle says:

    sticking channel logo on video = THUMBS DOWN

  36. HxC_Fragman Hype says:

    Not 4k

  37. MugenMonster says:

    4K looks strange on a 1440p monitor.

  38. The Crazy Penguin says:

    Что за музыка в начале?

  39. WRONG_ TARGET_ says:

    My MSI GT73 VR with 1080 GTX kicks this video out very well 🙂 So clear ….but the computer does struggle with "PATAGONIA 8K" video

  40. Shirley Arner says:

    Absolutely glorious!!!!!!!!!!!!

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