Igauzu Falls 2-igauzu falls

Igauzu Falls 2
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On my way to Argentina on the Gillette Federer Tour, I had the pleasure to stop by the Iguazú Falls. The Falls span the border between Argentina and Brazil and are around 80m high and 3km wide. An amazing experience – you should come, see and feel (!) for yourself!
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20 Responses to “Igauzu Falls 2-igauzu falls”

  1. Gustave Désire Epee says:

    Roger Federer reste mon préféré je l'aime depui qu'il joue au tennis moi c'est Gustave epee désiré et il a gagné hier 7-6; 6-3 j'ai jubilé jusqu'à et il reste mon préféré jusqu'à la fin de temps

  2. Cookie says:

    My dream! 😍

  3. Franklin NJ says:

    Roger I hope you felt the enchanted spiritual effects of the falls, I did when I got splashed in Niagara Falls, the waters there are full of mystery and magic.  It is from all the Indian sacrifices of long ago and past battles but I loved it, for its spiritual cleansing.

  4. Rahaf Batta says:

    I like this roger 🙂

  5. federer sara says:

    woooow, it's so amazing (i like uuuuuuuuuoohoo) haha 😉 

  6. darksilentvoid says:

    No digas tonterías chileno entrometido y envidioso. Esto no tiene nada que ver con tu país. Sos como una verruga que debe ser extirpada.

  7. tutubeante says:

    Las cataratas del Iguazu puedes solo mirarlas desde Brasil. pero se viven y se tocan en Argentina.
    Iguazu Falls can only look at them from Brazil. but you live and play in Argentina.

  8. Valentina Sherren says:

    We call you Roget' because you're too classy to be called Roger. I love the beauty of your strokes and total concentration – and amazing self-discipline

  9. antares365 says:

    Sí pero como sea, la gente las asocia más con Brasil.

  10. JULIO ROSSI says:

    EL 90% ARGENTINA Y el 10%BRASIL chileno de merda y el nombre esta en guaraní,Sifgnifica agua grande fijate en wikipedia cataratas del iguazú

  11. Santhosh Gowda says:

    I like this roger

  12. Amy says:

    Roger you make me want to go to that Fall now, so happy to see you enjoying the time off the tennis court? Love the video and Thanks for post it.

  13. Samir says:

    Is Guaraní,

  14. Peter J Franklin says:

    Can you please get your facts right, the falls are associated with both Argentina and Brazil. Check your facts before making comments such as "more associated with Brazil". Here's one from the UNESCO: "Two thirds of the falls are on the Argentinian side"

  15. antares365 says:

    I've been ther twice 🙂 0:17 I was right there and fell onto the ground XD It was too slippery.

  16. antares365 says:

    Anyways, Iguazú falls are more associated to Brazil than Argentina. It's just a matter of hearing the name. "Iguazú" sounds more to Portuguese than Spanish.

  17. sonia shakira says:

    que lugar maravilloso aunque no esta a mi alcance gracias por mostrar por mail

  18. Mitchell ARG says:

    No, use a map.

  19. atroise says:

    Iguazu is Brazil

  20. Nico Aguilera says:

    🙂 saludos

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