Speedboating Under Iguazu Falls (AWESOME!!)-Iguacu Falls Tours

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http://www.johnbeede.com for more adventures like taking a speedboat under the largest waterfall in the world, by many measures, Iguazu Falls. On the border of Argentina and Brazil, it is one of the world’s most incredible places… an absolute MUST see that hardly anyone knows about!


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Iguazu Falls – Activities Jet Boat Excursion – this thrilling joy ride cuts right through the turbulent rapids of the Río de Iguazú and right into the misty bottoms of Iguazú Falls … Results for: iguazu falls speedboat ride
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During your visit to Iguazú Falls, you will walk along paths and embark on an exhilarating Zodiac speedboat ride that will take you within feet of the
View of Sightseeing Speed Boat on the Iguazu River in Brazil
View of Sightseeing Speed Boat on the Iguazu River in Brazil. Iguazu Falls National Park in Brazil. By Linda Garrison, About.com Guide. See More About:The almighty Iguazu Falls (from Argentinean side) – Puerto Iguazu …
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Read Iguazu Falls Tours and other Iguassu Falls travel stories written … The first is a thrilling 12 minute ride by speedboat through the … Boat ride under Iguazu Falls. Seriously fun speed boat tour of Iguazu Falls….takes you under the fal… more Seriously fun speed boat tour …
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Travel package to Brazil, including ecotourism tours in Iguazu Falls, … After breakfast we leave for a speed boat ride through the Preguiças River. …Three Top Tips to Enjoy Iguazu Falls, Argentina: Getting the Most …Items the Visitor Should Take on a Trip to the Iguazu Falls National Park … electronic items if taking the speedboat tour (although small waterproof sacks …Iguazu Falls is rather massive. And wet. But very very pretty. Iguazu Falls is rather massive. And wet. But very very pretty. … The speedboat ride we did was seriously fun… I had a long debate before …Iguazu Falls and Colon – Ross & Lori
Iguazu Falls is made up of 250 different cascades tumbling 2km over a vast … We then took a speedboat ride which took us right under the Devil’s Throat! Iguassu Falls – Iguazu Falls – Real Travel
It was a speedboat ride. We then took a ferry across to San Martin island which had a beach with a view of the falls. I took a swim in the waters of Iguassu …
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    I envy you mates:))) It must have been a challenging adventure:)

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    I think the camera was like : O SHT IM WET U HAPPY?:

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    Amazing view of the Falls,well done !
    And,may I say,you guys are two cuties !

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