This is Iguaçu Falls, Brazil!-iguassu falls brazil

With our winter vacation coming to an end we take a mini-trip within Brazil to Iguaçu Falls. What a beautiful sight it is!

We have had such a great time during this trip, visiting Joinville, Curitiba, Itaguaçu Beach and now Iguaçu Falls. It really pays off to work super hard on the rice farm throughout the planting and harvest so that we may spend this quality family time traveling.

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14 Responses to “This is Iguaçu Falls, Brazil!-iguassu falls brazil”


    algumas araras tem as cores da nossa bandeira.

  2. paulokao says:

    I've been in this place, it is just the awesome nature!!! Great video man!!!!

  3. Sabri · says:

    Im going to Iguaçu Falls next Julyyyy 😍😍 great video ✌🏻

  4. eddy coelho says:

    what a great video man.. I'm going back there after 20 years and for me south of Brazil it's whole different Brazil from what we are use to see on TV
    parabens. familia Linda VC tem

  5. Marcilene Machado says:

    Just awesome! The way you captured the nature is fantastic. Congrats for the video. Thanks for sharing! My students will love it!

  6. ho kevin says:

    What a view! I like the backgroud music. Have you back to CA?

  7. Fuzzy Outdoors TV says:

    Sent you an Email brother

  8. Fuzzy Outdoors TV says:

    Matt this has to be the coolest trip ever!!! Love the video! Your family is beautiful!!

  9. Joao Lyra says:

    Adorei! faça mais vídeos, pleaseee! 😀

  10. Leslie Patino says:

    Gorgeous video, meanwhile, I've shop-vaced water in the basement here in Central California for 2 nights in a row. Stay in Brasil a little longer!

  11. Jorge Rank says:

    hi Matthew, if you come back in Joinville before you go to California. Could you meet with your subscribes in Joinville?

  12. fletcher3913 says:


  13. Sean P Pickering says:

    amazing video Matthew thanks

  14. Rodrigo says:

    What is your camera?

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