Iguazu Falls, Argentina & Brazil in HD-waterfall argentina

Iguazu Falls, Argentina & Brazil in HD

Iguazu/Iguaçu Falls are shared between Argentina and Brazil and are arguably the most beautiful falls on the planet.
Recorded March 2013 in HD with Panasonic TM900.
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17 Responses to “Iguazu Falls, Argentina & Brazil in HD-waterfall argentina”

  1. Jesús Grijalva says:

    hermoso,,,pero,,,en un momento me hubiera gustado escuchar el poderoso sonido del agua precipitándose,,,gracias por compartir

  2. Martin Calo says:

    90% of the 275 Falls are in the argentine side

  3. Carmen Bass says:

    Iguazu/ Iguaçu Falls are shared between Argentina and Brazil
    and are arguably the most beautiful falls on the planet.

  4. Marcel Pinard says:

    Brazil is awesome. i came back from a vacation. Rio and Salavador de Bahia were great. But the one true highlight was IGUAZU !!

  5. jmcclelland85 says:

    This blows Niagara Falls out of the ball field! It like a thousand Niagara falls! I am adding this to my bucket list of places in need to see before I die! .

  6. Alberto Garcia says:

    Bellisimo lugar . Desearia volver a verlas… las conoci hace mas de 22 años .- Imponentes mis Cataratas del Iguazu

  7. jb fraguas says:

    fica no estado do parana brasil.

  8. jb fraguas says:

    foz do iguaçu fica no brasil nao na argentina.

  9. sergio peres says:

    Your channel is amazing ,too ! I still  intend to know this place !

  10. Zinnia Milburn says:

    Amazing! Only God's creation yet man does not believe. This is only one of the wonders that God created for us no doubt there is only one and only GOD created all living things
    above and beyond.

  11. Lucas Monteiro says:

    One of the best natural attractions in South America! Please upload more videos about Argentina! Thank You!

  12. Ammu Kp says:

    Dear Friends,  watch  this Beautiful  IGUAZU  FALLS  in  Argentina  and  Brazil  in  HD. –  Iguazu / Iguacu  Falls are  shared between  Argentina  and  Brazil  and  are  arguably the most beautiful  Falls on the Planet. (Published  on  April 05, 2013)        Thank  You.             – Ammu  Kp.

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