Iguazu Falls – Power of Nature-Iguacu Falls

Iguazu Falls are among the most monumental Water Falls in the world, situated at the border of Brazil and Argentina. In the year 2000 spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy established a plaque dedicating the site as “A Sri Chinmoy Peace Falls”. This video offers you the power, majesty and beauty of the Iguazu Falls which following a recent news item nearly dried out because of a long drought period in 2009. Soundtrack by Parichayaka Hammerl.
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20 Responses to “Iguazu Falls – Power of Nature-Iguacu Falls”

  1. Elvia Garabito says:

    Beautiful pretty ILike

  2. Hiren Ambaliya says:

    Its…nice !!!

  3. Victor Demeester says:

    cant beleive its gone…

  4. MultiVideosBR says:

    One of the most "AMAZING" places in the world!

  5. Nahsreal Merritt says:

    It's majestic

  6. Enkarnau says:

    Las mas impresionantes cataratas del mundo.

  7. Dennis Oconnor says:

    love flows like a river…falls over harsh rocks….eternally

  8. Nanda Kumar says:

    Ferocious Nature! Amazing place

  9. the22zap says:

    Nenhum desses paises, Brazil, Argentina ou Paraguai nunca reivindicou as Quedas de Iguazu par si mesmo. Nos compartinhamos essa beleza da natureza em paz. As Quedas de Iguazu ali esta para todos apreciarem. Algumas pessoas e jornais sensacionalistas criam essa rivalidade que se extende alem dos campos de futebol. Porem Iguazu Falls e soberania desses paises e eles lutaram juntos se alguma força ou outro pais tentar tirar deles.

  10. the22zap says:

    Actually we don't argue if Iguazu Falls belong to Brazil, Argentina or Paraguai. Ue share this nature wonder in peace. None of those countries never claimed it for themselves. I believe some people or tabloids explore that idea to create a little rivalries which extent and go beyond the soccer fields but we do just for fun of it. Although is there for anyone to enjoy and appreciate the Iguazu Falls are sovereign to those countries the same way the Grand Canyon is to United States.

  11. Rubens Cardoso says:

    Come to Iguassu.
    Information and tourism car in Iguassu, Paraguai and Argentina Call 55 45 98231510

  12. jose pablo andrade says:

    it is very awesome

  13. Michael Cosgriff says:

    Great vid

  14. El Rincon de Teshimide says:

    Una maravilla…

  15. Nelida Casoli says:


  16. سليم القلب says:

    سبحان الله

  17. JUSTICEisWithISRAEL says:

    thanks for uploading
    love from Israel

  18. LeprechaunLive says:

    Correction, the Big Bang gave it to us…

  19. WorldOfWarCrafts Blizzard says:

    i want to swim there,,, can i ? 😀

  20. Vanderlei Brognara says:

    … La mayoría se encuentra en el lado argentino, sin embargo, desde el lado brasileño se pueden admirar los más bellos paisajes …

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