Iguazú Falls – BBC Nature. This is Planet Earth-Iguazu Falls

Shot here in HD, Iguazu is the largest collection of cataracts in the world. There are 275 individual falls that run together to form this panorama. The heligimbal camera system’s ability to twist and pan as it flies over the falls captures the magnitude of Iguazu and gives a new perspective to the familiar aerial flyover.
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16 Responses to “Iguazú Falls – BBC Nature. This is Planet Earth-Iguazu Falls”

  1. no saymounkham says:

    wowww very beautiful place

  2. Muhlenberg Theatre and Dance says:

    i love that place!

  3. Jayson Mendoza says:

    Wow amazing

  4. Charbel Rizk says:


  5. Yuhon Ho says:

    Beautiful waterfalls, I wish I could visit there.

  6. adzplus1 says:

    He's crazy. The iguazu falls are not part of the Amazon river. The Amazon is all the way up north of Brazil and starts in Peru.

    This is the Iguazu river that is at the other extreme, all the way south in the border with Argentina

  7. ‫שרה בן חיים‬‎ says:
  8. Edward Murdoch says:

    The video starts with the announcers saying "Even for giant rivers like the Amazon the journey to the sea is not always smooth or uninterrupted".

    I can not believe this is a fragment of a BBC documentary. How embarrassingly ignorant!
    The Iguazú Falls have no relation whatsoever to the Amazon river. The Iguazú River is a tributary of the Paraná River, which is one of the two major branches of the Río de la Plata basin (River Plate) whose journey to the sea is several thousand miles away from the Amazon, not even in the same large country, but between the frontiers of Argentina and Uruguay.

  9. Enkarnau says:

    Indiscutiblemente, es una de las maravillas del mundo.

  10. Moozle Yak says:

    Wow – that's a bold trumpet during that piece. how brash. Maybe it was speaking for the waterfalls, in which case I apologize in using "brash". But I swear to God, if that trumpet player wasn't truly playing for those waterfalls I'll have to ask him to stop playing.

  11. Maria Czerwinska says:

    Najpiękniejsze miejsce, jakie kiedykolwiek widziałam… Chcę tam koniecznie wrócić <3

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