Waterfall Paludarium – Pictures Evolution-nature waterfalls pictures

DIY Making Of : http://clickerfou.free.fr/paludarium/waterfall/
My paludarium project.
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20 Responses to “Waterfall Paludarium – Pictures Evolution-nature waterfalls pictures”

  1. black sea and others says:

    Amazing! Well done! Thanks for the short step by step!

  2. Damn Danno! says:

    Do you make these and sell them to people? I'd love to buy one 🙂

  3. imitationnature says:

    Y a pas en plus d'être doué pour tes réalisations, tu es vraiment bon dans la présentation de ces derniers… Vivement le prochain !!!!! 

  4. Robert Abraham says:

    Can this same effect be achieved with an exo terra or zoo med tank?

  5. Spirit Of Jungle says:

    If that's what you want 😉

  6. Gmasked ThaGasGod says:

    MAY I USE THIS IDEA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Spirit Of Jungle says:

    Hi and thank you,

    The plants are placed on the geotextile fabric according to so-called "vegetal wall" technique.

    Everything is explained in detail on my website on the project "waterfall paludarium". 😉

  8. Jordo Thomson says:

    this is incredible. how do you plant the plants? and how do they grown so well? are they in soil? do you make little pockets in the walls and rocks?

  9. TheReal MVP says:

    It looks outstanding! I'm going to be building one after this summer hopefully. I have a seasonal job that doesn't leave me with a lot of spare time until off season.

  10. Spirit Of Jungle says:

    Yes completely, obviously!

  11. TheReal MVP says:

    Did you make your tank?

  12. Spirit Of Jungle says:

    Yes acrylic is safe 😉
    but I do require you to nothing ^^

  13. andy o'sullivan says:

    And do you think that would be safe for the turtles?

  14. Spirit Of Jungle says:

    Thank you, you just use a simple acrylic paint (acrylic paint for creative recreation) and that will be good 😉

  15. andy o'sullivan says:

    Hi there I'm doing something similar with my turtle tank and I'm trying to find paint that can be submerged. I don't suppose you have any idea what I could use? Would really appreciate your input,

  16. coronabomb says:

    that is extremely sexy

  17. brunowaronig says:

    dude it's just WOW

  18. Spirit Of Jungle says:

    the pump is placed under a rock waterfall.

  19. Spirit Of Jungle says:

    Of course, from the moment the paludarium is adapted to the needs of the animal, I do not see why there would be less well in a terrarium with artificial plants… 😉

  20. TheEPICworldofJAMES says:

    i dont get it, wheres u put the pump?

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