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How To Build a Waterfall in 5 minutes
( aquascape garden landscaping plumbing )

Hello to everyone and welcome to LEOPAZZO TV
thank you very much for tuning in to the channel.

in this video i will be showing you how I built my simple waterfall in the front of my house. I decided to build the waterfall in the garden bed with other greenery such as cedars and box woods.
Ideally when building a waterfall or other aquascape its best to have some sort of a grade in the earth or soil etc. but in this build i used the armor stone to build my grade incline for the waterfall.
So starting from the bottom, I dug a hole the size of the rubbermaid basin container that will be holding the majority of the water for the waterfall.
I did not use a rubber liner or pond liner for this waterfall build.
So it is important to angle the stones on the right position so the water has to fall back into the basin. This part may be a bit tricky and some messing around with. trial and error. See video for drawing of plumbing layout.
i used a old aquarium pump with some spare 1/2” ( half inch ) flexible hose that i once used for water changes on my reef tank to transfer water. installed a half inch valve on the hose and adjusted the valve accordingly. Again this may take some trial and error adjusting the valve to control how much water flows through the half inch hose up to the top rock of the waterfall.
At the top rock is where i cut the half inch hose and placed a medium sized stone to sit on top of the hose to hold it into place. what i did was get my 5” grinder with a diamond blade and channeled a half inch grove – channel so the hose can sit in it and help hold position along the the weight of the rock to also hold the hose into position.
Originally i planned to have the waterfall to actually fall down in stages onto maybe 1-2-3-4 pieces of stone and then into the water fall. The finished product in this video is not how i originally planned, as the waterfall is more of a direct fall onto 1-2 rocks and then into the basin rubbermaid container. Verses the water starting from the top then falling onto the next rock and then to the next rock and then finally back into the basin. i wanted it to be in stages. but now learning with no linear it is important to have all the water to fall back into the rubbermaid basin. If not the pump would run dry and possibly break burn out.
This is the first waterfall aqua scape i have ever built and it is a learning experience as i said some trial and error. but to be honest for the most part it is currently still running 3 weeks later with no problems and working as planned. happy with it
Controlling the splashing, this is one issue that took about 1 week to get just right. as some water was splashing onto some stones and in return some of the water was not collecting back into the basin rubbermaid container. some adjusting of the stones to keep the splashing to a minimum. along with adjusting the valve and water flow rate will also have a impact. roughly 1 week later, after adjusting the stones i got them just right. Now i have minimal splashing and very little water evaporation. today at 30 degrees in toronto canada really hot humid i am able to run the waterfall for 12 hours plus with very little water loss. water level goes down roughly 2”-3” . the next day i just top it up with the hose and im good to go. i will assume that the waterfall could run for roughly 1-2 days straight without the pump running dry before all the water evaporates.
Under the armor stone i used HPB High Performance Base as a compacty base for the armor stone and basin as you can see in video. this is for a solid ground base for the stone so in the future there will hopefully not be too much earth movement and start shifting the stone. Even if the stones move a bit they are securely stacked onto each other with a few smaller stones used as wedges to prop up a stone or two if needed. Improvise.

Thanks for watching
be safe. lift with care. bend your knees and only lift as much as you feel comfortable. get help if you need help lifting.
caution when working with stones and boulders.

if you have any further questions feel free to contact me directly.

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