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Cross Section of a waterfall, features of falls-waterfall features

Free Quiz game : Cross Section of a waterfall, cross Section ,waterfall, waterfalls, pebble, pebbles, hard rock, rock ,fall, falls, soft rock, science, geology, overhang, plunge, plunge ,river, landforms, pool, boulders, stones, slope, eddie currents, harder rock, soluble, retreat, rier, river course, break, rapid, rapids, river rapids, stream, upwards, streaming, current, hanging, gorge, gorges, […]


IGUAZU WATERFALLS! TRAVEL VLOG Brazil & Argentina (Iguaçu Falls)-waterfall brazil

I went to the Iguazu Waterfalls in Brazil & Argentina in November 2015. (Yes this vlog is a year late… Oops!) This was my experience! Follow me on my travels on social media! Instagram: @chiumonster Twitter: @chiumonster Snapchat: @chiumonsta ——————————————————————————————————- My name is Nicole Chiu. I quit my job in October 2015 to pursue my […]


Iguassu Falls-waterfall south america

Iguassu Falls is the world’s largest waterfall. Located in South America on the border of Brazil and Argentina, this is an awesome display of water, jungle and culture coming together in this remote location. Video Rating: / 5 My first attempt at rappelling was a wet one, but fun. Video Rating: / 5

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