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This is what we look at

Check out these waterfalls argentina images: This is what we look at Image by babalucci Devil’s Throat Image by cavorite Iguazú Falls


The Job Market in This Country -what country is iguazu falls in

You want to live the American dream – Well how about you give your grandparents or great grandparents a call and asked them how they lived the American dream. They busted their ass to get what they have. They worked hard; they dealt with depression, economic slump, boom and bust. A WORLD WAR!!! You know […]


Any idea what this is?

Check out these what is iguazu falls images: Any idea what this is? Image by Matthew Winterburn


Iguazú Falls – BBC Nature. This is Planet Earth-Iguazu Falls

Shot here in HD, Iguazu is the largest collection of cataracts in the world. There are 275 individual falls that run together to form this panorama. The heligimbal camera system’s ability to twist and pan as it flies over the falls captures the magnitude of Iguazu and gives a new perspective to the familiar aerial […]

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