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The Day the Falls Stood Still Written by Cathy Marie Buchanan -iguazu falls trip

by mrlasse As a person that has made many trips to Niagara Falls during my years, I especially looked forward to reading this book. I was not disappointed. Cathy Buchanan has written a lovely love story combined with some of the many historical occurrences in the Niagara Falls area. While the main characters in the […]


Trip to Brazil 2004 Part III Iguassu Falls Helicopter Tour-iguassu falls tours

Trip to Brazil Part III Iguassu Falls Helicopter Tour


How Seniors Can Minimize Falls and Injuries -iguazu falls trip

by pfischermx Along with aging comes the possibility of trip and fall accidents. Of course, people have falls everyday, and it can happen to any of us. Age does not necessarily play a factor in accidents. But, as we get older, the odds increase. FALLS CAN BE WARNINGS OF OTHER PROBLEMS: Besides age, falls can […]


Trip To Brazil, Rio De Janeiro, Ilha Grande, Foz, Iguassu Falls-iguazu falls to rio

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Common Types Of Personal Injury – Slips, Trips And Falls -iguazu falls trip

by Djibouti According to the Health and Safety Executive organisation, slips, trips and falls, are the most common types of accidents to occur in the workplace. These types of accidents result in around 40 deaths each year and over 15,000 major injuries. It has been estimated that the total number of annual cost of slips […]


Trip to Iguazu Falls-iguazu falls trip

Iguazu Falls Video Rating: / 5


Boat trip at IGuazu Waterfalls, Argentina , HD-waterfalls argentina

There is no doubt that the 250 Iguazu Waterfalls are the world best Waterfalls. With 2000m in Argentina and 600m in Brazil, where 480000 liters (127000 gallons) per second Video Rating: / 5


Our Trip to Iguazu Falls 2012-trips to iguazu falls

Iguazu Falls is undoubtedly the most spectacular natural attraction we saw on our trip to Brazil and Argentina Video Rating: / 5


Iguazu Falls – canoe trip

Some cool iguazu falls trip images: Iguazu Falls – canoe trip Image by wallygrom This is on the Argentina side. The day began with a ride in a canoe around the top of the falls … kind of scary! We then drifted down a river, thru lush tropical jungle. Awesome! Iguazú Falls Image by Phillie […]


Trip To Iguazu Falls-iguazu falls trip

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