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Falls on the border of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. Spectacular views. Taken during the Oratorio Society of New York concert tour.
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Holiday photos- some tips on creating and storing your memories

Author: Sean Thompson

Holiday photos are a brilliant thing, a way of carrying on that lovely warm holiday feeling even when you’ve been forced back to reality. After thinking about what might optimise your next holiday album, here is a list of some tips to get that perfect picture…


Photograph people, not things.

If you are the owner of a very fancy camera, you may be tempted to use your whole memory taking photos of inanimate objects using different camera settings- but as one of the main points of a holiday is quality time with your family or friends, the memories you have with them will be one of the things you remember the most. (As well as that cool close up picture of that really weird rock on the beach, obviously).

Don’t make it too formal.

Normally the best photographs are the ones where you can really see things as they actually were. Try and catch things as they are happening, rather than getting everyone inside the frame and demanding a wide grin. If you have children, this could be particularly effective. Catching the moment of excitement on receiving an ice cream or as siblings make a sand castle could be priceless.

A license to be arty.

After nagging about close up pictures and fancy camera settings, these things probably do have their uses! Capturing a beautiful sunset over still waters could trigger a holiday memory, as could a picture of green fields taken from a car. One of the boxes on your perfect holiday checklist is probably a scenic location, so this is something you will want to record as well. So when you look back at that picture of snowy mountains from your ski chalet break, you can remember the exact feeling you felt when you were there.

Storing your memories.

So many people- including myself- keep holiday photos in their original developing packet, but it might be nicer to create a real album for them. This somehow preserves the memory better, and you are probably less likely to lose the album in a random drawer or cupboard. And keeping an album also means you can personalise your photos more. Put children’s drawings and your own words in with the photographs, categorise them how you want, and keep it all proudly on your bookshelf.

With these tips in mind, here’s a short list of some of the world’s most picturesque places to visit- with links to holiday homes in the locations- so you can start planning your next getaway- and remember the camera.

  • The Tadj Mahall, India
  • The Iguazu waterfalls, Brazil
  • The pyramids and the sphinx, Egypt
  • The Grand Canyon, Colorado, USA
  • The Niagara Falls, Canada
  • The canals of Venice
  • The Coliseum, Rome- holiday homes in Rome
  • Milford sound and the Mitre peak, New Zealand
  • The Palace of Versailles, Paris


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