Waterfall sliding in Paraty, Brazil-waterfall brazil

In Paraty, Brazil you not only have an incredible little old town but nearby there are beautiful beaches and rock waterfalls you can slide down. In this video the girls and I spend an awesome afternoon slipping and sliding and watching locals do wicked tricks! Enjoy!

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Brazillian Waterfall: the end of a journey - Tropic of Capricorn - BBC travel

BBC traveller Simon Reeve takes a helicopter over one of the planet’s most extraordinary natural sites – a gigantic waterfall in Brazil. Amazing footage from Tropic of Capricorn.

8 Responses to “Waterfall sliding in Paraty, Brazil-waterfall brazil”

  1. LizzyYouHONEYBDC BROWN says:

    Safe Travels nothing like making new friends or having travel buddies I really enjoyed the slow slides What were u guys afraid of the drop lol

  2. xSharonDoesMakeupx says:

    Do you ever get scared travelling alone

  3. Wassmansdorff says:

    He said Eleanor Roosevelt exclaimed "Poor Niagara" when she visited the Iguaçu Falls.

  4. iVideosBrasil says:

    Cataratas do Iguaçu

  5. Branco Ishihara says:

    Iguaçu waterfall.

  6. vesperia says:

    used to belong to Paraguay until argentina and brazil took it away… bastards

  7. esteban jerez says:

    Iguazu waterfall is more 70% Argentine side

  8. grendelee says:

    very pretty

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