REVERSE WATERFALL – Flourish Tutorial-waterfall force

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I EDIT THE NAME TO WATERFALL.. Not Cascade. Sorry for the confusion.. XD
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20 Responses to “REVERSE WATERFALL – Flourish Tutorial-waterfall force”

  1. Austin Peters says:

    I think the correct term for this is "Reverse Waterfall". The cascade move is done with two packets faro'd together 🙂 great video as always. Keep it up!

  2. RTX PE says:

    I would really like a video you talking about the relationship between you and peter McKinnon

  3. Braden McAvoy says:

    That helped soo much thank u

  4. gabriel wears says:

    I had originally learned the waterfall from either 52kards or school of cardistry, but couldnt quite nail it, I definitely think this was a better method for me, whether that was from your specific way of teaching (which has helped me get started in magic and cardistry), or from this method, either way thank you very much and keep teaching exactly the way you do!(:

  5. 04822 jason says:

    oh I learn the skill thanks for teach

  6. Tach Daks says:

    Struck by you ahlstrom remix if you don't know

  7. Jaime Parada says:

    my thumbs sore

  8. Reverse Flash says:

    I just launched my deck of cards across the room. Whoops

  9. Nazel Angelo De Guzman says:

    i watch many cascade tutorial but this video is the only one i learned the cascade… btw i also enjoy watching a tutorial with the bckgrnd music… peace out✌🏽

  10. Yonko Commander Smoker says:

    this is way easier for me then the normal waterfall

  11. Israel Sly says:

    that made the cascade easier than the way I had been doing it. thanks

  12. Slasher Wisp says:

    i am a new subscriber but i love your videos

  13. Kody Letteriello says:

    did anyone else notice the mess up chris did at 1:59? 😂. sorry chris, all love, no hate

  14. My123Tutorials // Photography // Made in Germany says:

    I never thought that this cascade thing is so easy. You done a really great Job on this tutorial, so thank you!! 🙂
    But the Reverse Waterfall need definitely a bit more training than doing it once. ^^

  15. Ben Cross says:

    8:058:07 thanks for watching so much. lol

  16. Magic120 says:

    Subscribe to my channel for parkour tricks and magic

  17. Zieko the Coyote says:


  18. gino zancanaro says:

    God thanks! finally i found a decent tutorial for the cascade. thank you Chris

  19. Jp125 says:

    Fuck me my fingers hurts😂

  20. Boneless pizza says:

    It's hard

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