Pond Waterfall and Stream Project in New Jersey USA-waterfall in usa

Mike Gannon, the Pond Hunter, of Full Service Aquatics presents a pondumentary tour of a backyard pond installation. Video features construction of a pond complete with 40 foot stream, koi tunnel, and waterfalls! This is a beautiful pond installtion by Full Service Aquatics pond design in Bridgewater, NJ

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20 Responses to “Pond Waterfall and Stream Project in New Jersey USA-waterfall in usa”

  1. Adam De Larozza says:

    Tell the customer; gold flakes should be added to the top of the stream, that way one can gold prospect at the bottom of the stream, just like the old 49ers.

  2. william obrien says:

    I love the 40 foot fall I would love to do that at my house

  3. Paloma San Basilio says:

    The spelling should be "La Piedra"–The Stone. NOT La Pietra which means "the dark woman". LOL

  4. opheliarises says:

    "You know, sometimes I just hang out at my customers pond's, they don't even know I'm here!" Um…Sir, that is not comforting to prospective 'customers'.  I'm not going to hire someone, who feels they have the liberty to trespass to 'hang out' with his project.   

  5. Doggysoft says:

    Link to part 2?

  6. sissy murphy says:

    LOL  a pond stalker .That water is really clear .How deep is the pond because it sure looks bigger than 1200 gallons

  7. thePondHunter says:

    Yes! these type of projects are a blast!! thanks for commenting and checking out the vids.

  8. Penny Peterson says:

    WoW, first time getting a reply to a question! Thank You. I am using a netting sold by Drs Foster and Smith. I have to put stakes in the ground and stretch the netting across the pond. There are little squares about 1". We are on the western slope of Colorado.

  9. thePondHunter says:

    Hey Colorado lady!! I used to live in Boulder and worked for the Littleton Park system. I cover the ponds with netting during the Fall because the skimmers I use on our installs can get clogged on heavy leaf fall days. What type of net are you using? I use typical leaf netting for most of the ponds we do, but there is some pretty heavy duty netting out there that will work great!

  10. Penny Peterson says:

    In a forest like that, how are you keeping leaves out of the stream and pond? We have a big problem with leaves. We put netting over the ponds but leaves still get thru plus, when we try to remove the netting the leaves fall in. We net the leaves that float on top of the water but some still get to the bottom and after winter is over I have to drain 75% of the pond and remove the black sludge like stuff in the bottom. The leaves fall and shortly there after we have a freeze. We are in Colorado.

  11. thePondHunter says:

    @tscholent Hey thanks for watching and commenting. You're right we did actually use about 15 tons, good call, and I mis spoke for the video. We used about 8 tons of just larger boulders, and another 7 ton or so of gravel, wall stone, and smaller boulders. Very nice call and thanks for pointing that out! Also, thank you for encouragin others to watch!! best regards, and keep on the watch for new stuff coming out soon. -PH

  12. tscholent says:

    I really like your work and I tell everybody to look at your clips but I think you might want to check with your forman on the 8 metric tons you quoted on the amount you brought in for the stream and the pond.Over the thumb I would say that's about 15 to 20 tons ….(canadian pro)

  13. Bill Lyons says:

    @bluesbroflo I TOTALLY agree with you! And I would also add that this is a VERY BAD DESIGN. Read any Koi publication – gravel and rocks in the bottom are a very bad idea as they trap particulate matter and culture anerobic bacteria. The entire system will be a maintenance nightmare.

  14. thePondHunter says:

    @PittsburghNationTv Yes it is a washed pea gravel about 3/8, available at most stone centers by the bag or in bulk. It mixes nicely with 3/4 gravel for a nice look!

  15. thePondHunter says:

    @nialler190188 This pond was installed few years ago and it ran about 12K for the complete project. Thanks for watching and commenting. Visit me on facebook/thepondhunter

  16. Niall McCarthy says:

    how much did it cost??

  17. thePondHunter says:

    @CHATINGO Hola Chatingo, gracias por el comentario! hablamos! buen dia -PH

  18. CHATINGO says:

    very good video , we just builded a water pond in our backyard .thanks for the ideas. muchas gracias..

  19. thePondHunter says:

    @payasito051589 Hello Payasito, it depends on where you are located, but generally speaking if your pond is deep enough (2ft+) then you should not have much of a problem iwth your fish during the winter. It is not necessary to heat the water but I would strongly suggest using an aerator to degas the pond during the winter months. Visit me on facebook too facebookcom/thepondhunter

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