BALI WATERFALL ADVENTURES! – World Flight Episode 50-waterfall of world

DAY 1501 // 9TH OCTOBER 2017 // Canggu, Bali

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The amazing place we stayed!

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20 Responses to “BALI WATERFALL ADVENTURES! – World Flight Episode 50-waterfall of world”

  1. Yasir Ayub says:

    omg at 3:13
    just loved the moment

  2. Priyank K. says:

    1:43 Never seen a pig this big before!!!

  3. Paty Who? says:

    I am 100% sure we were in our flight to Bali on the 16th of September. I recognise you by your checked shirt . How coool is your channel ! Great inspiration, Well done 🙂

  4. telsah1 says:

    Epic pictures.

  5. Rikiya Ogawa おがわ りきや says:

    I went to Bali in September 2017.
    Is the main street of Ubud from 5:41 of video?
    Someday I would like to travel with you 😀

  6. ALMA mochilera says:


  7. 5150 5150 says:

    5150 👑

  8. 5150 5150 says:

    5150 👑

  9. 5150 5150 says:

    5150 👑

  10. 5150 5150 says:

    5150 👑

  11. KNWLDGE says:

    That Moonchild is jammin!

  12. Madalyn Bumsted says:

    Legit Jane and Tarzan omg

  13. Martin Tabanag says:

    Bali waterfalls are so beautiful. we have beautiful waterfalls here in the Philippines too! I hope Louis will travel here.

  14. Edson Bond says:

    Really liking the vlogs Louis

  15. Sprulsey says:

    very nice waterfall

  16. Believe Munashe says:

    your b rolls are awesome louis


    Great Vlogs guys keep it up❤

  18. Dave Warren says:

    Miss Darcy on your trips

  19. LoneWolf INT-X says:

    Why is he filming in the kitchen? Did his girlfriend kicked him out of the bedroom or what?

  20. kev keff says:

    What a wonderful place! Nice videos and quality! I'll be more often in this channel.
    You inspire to travel. Peace!

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