Angel falls – Venezuela – The highest waterfall in the world.-waterfall south america

The Tallest waterfall in the entire world. with a height of 979metres (3,212ft) and a clear drop of 807m (2,647ft)Angel Falls is located in Canaima national park in Southern Venezuela, South America. (indigenous name: Parakupa-vena or Kerepakupai merú which means the fall from the highest point, in Pemon language)

The fictional “Paradise Falls” in the 2009 Pixar film “Up” was inspired by Angel Falls. The production staff toured this area of Venezuela prior to the making of the film.
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  1. Milagros Fernández says:


  2. Sasha Allen says:

    @TrumendousTres Yeah it does they say that they took idea from about many countires I mean from america like Gyuana's falls they mixed gyuanas falls and Angel falls together check gyuanas falls a long geography too when africa and amrica sepertaed (south amerrica continents)

  3. bellamoonnature says:

    Amazing Falls. Bella

  4. Bo0mGar says:

    dive down there.

  5. Joseph Santaella says:

    Beautiful women, beautiful waterfalls

  6. Survive the Jive says:


    these were the inspiration for UP's paradise falls

  7. zooll34 says:

    holy shit

  8. j4kennedy says:

    nicee. the day i went it was cloudy, i have a video too!

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