Angels Falls – Planet Earth – ep 3 Fresh Water 720p HD DVD-waterfall south america

A MAGIC SCENE – Angels Falls in South America, the biggest waterfall in the world

This is a cut from the “Planet Earth – ep 3 Fresh Water 720p HD DVD”

The Planet Earth documentary is created by BBC. It is considered the greatest nature documentary created till now.

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19 Responses to “Angels Falls – Planet Earth – ep 3 Fresh Water 720p HD DVD-waterfall south america”

  1. Andrea Toscano says:

    It's incredible how beautiful our planet is…

  2. cs goh says:

    Pixar's "Up" brought me here

  3. Jemwill Lampanelli says:

    wow someday I will visit this place.

  4. Beztroskie wczasy says:

    Salto Angel, najwyższy wodospad świata. Dopisujemy do naszej "Bucket list"!

  5. sm1carnage says:

    I want to build a house right next to the waterfall.

  6. AndrewofWare says:

    Well done BBC – a National Treasure

  7. Sheng Xiong says:

    I want to jump down and falls like a angel '^^)

  8. S K Y N 3 K O (YOLO) says:

    i hope this will last forevah!!!

  9. SanguineSaint21 says:


  10. Daniela Borrero says:


  11. Ancel4 says:

    Wow, that water falls from really high UP.

  12. Natasha Amaya says:

    Mi hermosa Venezuela

  13. Marius Slingerland says:

    thrilling scene and music. who knows what music this is>

  14. agung purnomo says:

    I don't understand what is it with the 11 people who dislike this video?

  15. Colorado DayDreams says:

    There is a "Angel Waterfalls" in North America inside Yosemite National Park and it looks somewhat like this one

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