Iguassu Falls-waterfall south america

Iguassu Falls is the world’s largest waterfall. Located in South America on the border of Brazil and Argentina, this is an awesome display of water, jungle and culture coming together in this remote location.
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My first attempt at rappelling was a wet one, but fun.
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8 Responses to “Iguassu Falls-waterfall south america”

  1. Albert Clack says:

    Probably the most beautiful place I have ever visited.

  2. Jc Ball says:

    My daughter is there now. This lovely video really helps me to imagine what its like. Thank you!

  3. eaglevp . says:

    Really enjoyed watching your video,very good commentary great editing,alot of thought gone into making these highlights.Working my way though all of your highlights on youtube.

  4. davidsquall351 says:

    wow looks amazing

  5. Trombworks says:

    Iguassu Falls is a series of smaller waterfalls, I believe 275 of them, and Victoria Falls is one huge (by length) waterfall. The biggest depends on your opinion. There is more water at Iguassu and it's a larger area, but they are both spectacular.

  6. eAGer4 says:

    it doesn't look half as high, maybe its just wider

  7. eAGer4 says:

    wow, is it really bigger than Victoria Falls?

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