Waterfall Dragon in Venezuela, South America-waterfall south america

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Waterfall Dragon (Dragon Falls), or Churun-Measure (Churun-Meru) is a beautiful natural formation in Venezuela, which is located 10 km South from the highest waterfall in the world, angel, and shares the same valley. Together with the Grand champion he is included in the national Park of Canaima that in South America. Running high cliffs, waterfall is a truly amazing creation of nature, fascinating in its krasotkina Dragon, most likely due to the shape of the water flow, which continues on the ground in a thin line, wriggling like the tail of a mythical creature, along the valley.
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  1. The most beautiful places on Earth says:
  2. John D says:

    OMG! Have you seen any Anaconda snakes in that river?

  3. daniel gallardo says:

    Hey mark, is YouTube your only source of income?

  4. Jay Delapaz says:

    sigarillo idol….parang asa pinas lng tol..

  5. Blacktahoe DMan says:

    Mark, why you looking in the woods, pre Baka may npa na sumusunod. lol you can't get any closer to nature than that… Beautiful 

  6. Melvin Nogales says:

    That's where I'm from that's cool did you ride motorcycle in Ecuador ? 

  7. Ramon Quinones says:

    Duuuuuudddddeeee u neeed to make a video of the all new 2015 cbr300r vs ninja 300. It would help me a bunch when purchasing my motorcycle!!!

  8. Jarut Yoshiki says:

    Natural beauty and Personal.very Nice.So in Tena as danger?

  9. Mark Nowhereman says:

    Click the link to see more videos about my trip to Ecuador. Thanks!

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