Iguazu Falls Best View, Brazil or Argentina? You Decide-waterfalls argentina

Where does one get the best view of the world’s most magnificent water fall? Brazil or Argentina? Come along and decide for yourself where would want to go to see the Iguazu Falls
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20 Responses to “Iguazu Falls Best View, Brazil or Argentina? You Decide-waterfalls argentina”

  1. GamesFrontline says:

    It is practically in Brazil … It even has a name of a Brazilian state … But even though I am Brazilian, I prefer the Argentine side :V.

  2. danyllo resende says:

    99.9% of the forest Atlantica is from Brazil, the river and its tributaries are Brazilians, biodiversity is Brazilian,the structure to receive tourists is Brazilian, don't it makes sense cataracts belong to Argentina.

  3. MrPunjabi06 says:

    "So how was it"!? Human Complains…..😖

  4. Willian Scheles says:

    O rio iguaçu nasce no Brasil,em Curitiba,corre todo Paraná e sua foz é outro rio que também nasce no Brasil,em Minas Gerais,o rio Paraná.As cataratas é cercada pela mata atlântica,um bioma tipicamente brasileiro,em um clima bem tropicalizado.A maior cidade da região das cataratas é Foz do Iguaçu,brasileira.
    Me perdoem argentinos,mas as cataratas do Iguaçu são bem brasileiras,só pelo fato do rio Iguaçu ser nosso!

  5. GBS Lopez says:

    Argentina Obvio

  6. Diep Hong Hiep says:

    Natural waterfalls and streams video very nice

  7. Gray Bryan says:

    What is the name of that animal shown towards the end of the video? I know the name is mentioned but I couldn't understand exactly what was said.

    I visited this area years ago and one of those animals crossed my path but I didn't know what it was.

  8. ITZ APEX says:


  9. Scoot v says:


  10. walkers100 says:

    Is there access to the Argentinian side through the Brazil side? thanks

  11. Don Smedley says:

    I choose a close encounter, an immersive experience. The water was not brown and the sun was shining when I visited. Nothing like feeling like you are in the falls, walking over, under and through. It is majestic and beautiful no matter where you walk or stand on either side.

  12. Aferdita Halimi says:

    OMG!!! i love it, its wooonderful 

  13. Mirta Kelsch says:

    Araceli Fernandez Palencia…Cuando no la podias ver…yo la habia subido,como ahora si puedes ver aqui esta….Para que veas lo maravillosa que es…Gente amiga…Una de las Belleza de mi tierra!!!

  14. Horacio Mazany says:

    well since 80% of the falls are argentinian

  15. Paulo Ignatius says:

    I'm from Brazil, but Argentine part is most beautiful, but I think it should be Binational!
    like Itaipu Dam is binational with Paraguay! 

  16. Mehdi Al-Lawati says:

    For me Argentina!!!! 

  17. Aplusmaster22 says:


  18. Arthur Faria Martins says:

    Brasil. Sem sombra de dúvida! A maior parte das quedas é nossa.

  19. Lucian Barchega says:

    Argentina for sure!!! the best part is in argentina 80%.

  20. tony chan says:

    it is a world's magnificent water fall, enjoy it  !

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