The Beauty of Argentina in HD – Waterfalls, Mountains, Penguins and Glaciers-waterfalls argentina

HD Video compilation shot during a 21 day trip to Argentina. Footage is a mixture of my favorite footage from Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia and Iguazu Falls. Key areas include shots along the Beagle Channel, of the Perito Moreno Glacier, El Calafate, El Chalten including Mt. Fitz Roy, and Iguazu Falls.

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20 Responses to “The Beauty of Argentina in HD – Waterfalls, Mountains, Penguins and Glaciers-waterfalls argentina”

  1. Argentus2009 says:

    Alex, great work. But you only show part of  the beauty of three argentine provinces over 23 + Buenos Aires City. So, you didn t show us the magnificent northwest for instance. Visit it! However, I liked a lot, despite of being incompleted.

  2. CLISSAR Ghoud! says:


  3. ImaMonaKnight says:

    Breathtaking Beauty…& Breathtaking Men Come From Over There…
    Thanks To The Most High…kiss kiss xx

  4. Alex Berger says:

    Watch to the end of the video.

  5. Bhaskar Maity says:

    Name of the music please……nice place although,greet from India.hope u visit our country very soon.

  6. Ana Telkieva says:

     Patagonia, Argentina

  7. Alex Berger says:

    Thanks for the kind words! This video was shot on a Vixia HF200 as at the time I used a Canon G11 and the Vixia. I still use it somewhat, but have upgraded to a Canon T3i (600D) which more recent videos are shot on.

  8. LiberatedTraveler says:

    I'm sorry if this information is somewhere else, but I was wondering what kind of camera you are using? Your videos have amazing quality!

  9. bruno eloy calquin says:

    long live to my dulce de leche

  10. sid ics says:

    i love argentina,,,ma most loving,kind and incredibly smart teacher is serving there in chemistry deptt,i don't wana disturb him but i just wana tell him that here in pakistan we really mis him anp pray for him,sid,uop pakistan.

  11. Jerusalemite says:

    Ohh Argentina… the most AMAZING place on earth!

  12. BrasileiroTimmo says:

    Mme Ambassador, my heart breaks when I watch this. I waved to you from atop Corcovado, but God willing I will embrace you and the boys someday at Iguacu. My material needs in life are so simple … a guitar, a humble roof over my head, a dependable old car, T-shirts and blue jeans, pizza and wine; but the needs of my spirit are HUGE. I need God, and I need MY PEOPLE! You are MY PEOPLE, and I pray that God will smile on us and bring us together. Love, Hugs and God Bless You Always:))) Timmo:)

  13. perla51 says:


  14. jiji309 says:

    this is incredibly beautiful i found awesome tours to Argentina and Brazil for 2 weeks i want to see El calafate <3 ..i can`t wait 🙂

  15. 63myvidsteve says:

    Very nice video, if anything a little too perfect almost to the point of being clinical. Loved the penguinos so very cute.Well done.

  16. Wandering Sole Images says:

    Wonderfully done! Spectacular scenes!

  17. Alex Berger says:

    @germanargentinopower Thank you!

  18. Mic Tyler says:

    One day!!

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