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Check out the strangest things found in the ocean

1. This is one of the greatest underwater finds in history. A team of archaeologists searched 4 years and found an entire city lying hidden 30 feet below the surface of Aboukir Bay.

The city was known as Thonis to the ancient Egyptians, and Heracleion to the Greeks, who named it after the hero Hercules. Hundreds of artifacts, from ship anchors to jewels, have been recovered.

2. The largest waterfall on Earth is actually underwater. When the cold current from the Eastern side of the strait collides with the warmer Western side,

the result is a downward current that dwarfs the largest land-based waterfalls. Estimates place it almost 2,000 times larger than Niagara Falls.

3. In 1944, the Allied powers bombed Chuuk Lagoon, a Japanese stronghold in the Caroline Islands. The surprise attack killed hundreds, and destroyed aircraft and ships alike.

The wreckage settled on the bottom of the lagoon, where it sat forgotten until the 1960’s. When divers started investigating the site, they found the vehicles still full of soldiers’ bodies.

4. Recovered in the early 1900s by Greek divers, this strange artifact is an ancient analog computer. It was used to predict the movements of astronomical bodies and eclipses.

After it was lost, an equivalent invention wasn’t produced in Europe until the 1400’s. The origin of the Antikythera mechanism is estimated to be somewhere between 205 and 100 BCE. It is currently on display at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

5. Jeff Bezos, the CEO of, launched an expedition to recover parts of the Apollo 11 rocket that propelled the most famous flight in the history of space travel.

When the rocket separated from the Saturn V 38 miles above the Earth, they crashed into the sea and were presumed lost forever. Bezos’s team found both of them.

6. The Cenote Angelita cave in Mexico is a mystery. If you dive Ninety feet down you would encounter what appears to be a river flowing through the cave, its banks adorned with plants and trees.

But it’s actually an illusion with the “river” being a cloud of hydrogen sulfide that’s formed by the mixing of salt with fresh water. Another ninety feet of water lies beneath that still.

7. The Baltic Sea Anomaly is a mysterious structure lying over 250 feet below the surface. The image was captured with a “sonar fish. Many believe it to be an alien craft. It has been compared to the Millennium Falcon. Most scientists are party poopers and agree that it is most likely a rock outcropping

8. Blackbeard is arguably the most famous pirate of all time, making his ship the Queen Anne’s Revenge infamous.

In the 18th century, he ran the ship aground and it was found in 1996, yielding over 250,000 artifacts. Among them are 31 canons of different sizes. The largest is 3,000 pounds.

9. In 2001 there was the discovery a square mile expanse of geometrical structures lying on the bottom of the ocean. The alien-looking structures are between two and two and a half thousand feet deep.

If they are man-made, they would have been the most technologically advanced structures on the planet at that time. Scientists estimate that they would have been built about 50,000 years ago.

10. This recent find is unprecedented in the history of oceanography. A team of scientists discovered a cluster of enormous, naturally-formed asphalt deposits. The domes are the result of an oil well seeping through the sea floor for thousands of years. The domes support their own ecosystem and contain fossilized remains of prehistoric animals.

11. A team of Danish and German scientists recovered ancient microbes from below the floor of the Pacific Ocean. Amazingly, they were still alive. In their subterranean environment they hadn’t had access to fresh nutrients for seventy to eighty million years. The fact that they were able to survive in such extreme conditions suggests the possibility that similar life forms could survive in deep space.

12. The Mary Rose was the most advanced warships of the 16th century. It was sunk in the ocean North of the Isle of Wight on its retirement.

It was an extremely complicated and expensive operation to resurrect it. but they recovered hundreds of artifacts that have lent historians valuable insights into the history of naval warfare and the Tudor

13. the city known as Gulf of Khambhat Cultural Complex, is 5,000 years older than the cities considered the oldest known human settlements. The civilization that built the Cultural Complex may also be the original Harappan people, who lived in India and Pakistan around 3000 BC

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  1. Dylan Spicer2 says:

    is it just me or does the narrarator have a very slight lisp?

  2. Allegri Sanford says:

    John gray

  3. frayingangels says:

    For a second I thought this was a rob dyke video

  4. Pimplahdon says:

    so the things that are of KNOWN age are thousands of years old, but the things of unknown age are automatically hundreds of thousands and millions of years old…. rightttt…. lie about the myth of evolution much? thumbs down.

  5. roselyn lalenkawli says:

    it was awesome

  6. John Sikes says:


  7. TheFarmerfitz says:

    I don't think that the things found in the video was the work of Aliens…. It was done by an advanced civilization that we know nothing about today… I believe this civilazation was wiped out and we started over again at some point…Possibly at the same time the Dinosaurs were wiped out…. The stuff we are finding, structures, artifacts found in coal, and elsewhere are small pieces of evidence of a former civilization that we know nothing about that pretty much renders the history books completely wrong as to how long humans have been on Earth….

  8. D. C. Jacobs says:

    Very interesting videos. Please find someone who knows how to pronounce English words correctly to do the narration. Thanks.

  9. some1 says:

    I just like the way he says artie-facts! Lol

  10. Jesse Pinkman says:

    those were some interesting ardy facts lol

  11. awishinandahopin says:

    why didn't you show us the "artifacts"?

  12. Cornie Venzter says:

    Was very nice and i enjoyed being in lala land for a while , BUT aliens dont exist and no date further than 10 000 can be proven. So 80% is pure imagination.

  13. Corey Soze says:

    Are you people in cahoots with the American Elite Forces? That would make this very strange, because it would all your stuff is ONE-SIDED.

  14. simon clemence says:

    Pity the commentator pronounce so many words.

  15. Foster E says:

    ahhh my favorite low res pictures

  16. Taylor James says:

    I don't believe you have the right to use the term "Seriously Strange".
    Rob Dyke has it trademarked.

  17. Gimme Abreak says:

    Elite Facts? You don`t know what facts are . The Mary Rose was not sunk "on retirement" you wankers. Do some research and stop misinforming people. Stoopid is as Stoopid does…

  18. kristijan ahcin says:

    why would anyone excavate microbes from BELOW the ocean floor and expose them to modern atmospheric conditions? for the love of science. stupid much?

  19. peter clarke says:

    The Mary Rose sank on its maiden voyage not on its retirement! We salvaged it in the 80s and its in a nice museum now in Portsmouth UK (near the Isle of Wight)

  20. Patrick Flockhart says:

    The marry rose was not sunk on retirement. It sank by accident one theory is it had to many cannons. they also found many skeletons and personal artifacts. Try to get your facts right.

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