Amazing waterfalls in Tennessee near Nashville | Travel Vlog Part 2-waterfalls near

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We went to Greeter falls park and Rock falls park in this video! Both of them were fantastic and I suggest checking out both of them. They are both about an hour outside of Nashville which are the closest ones to the city. Let me know if you’ve been or what places to visit next time!

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4 Responses to “Amazing waterfalls in Tennessee near Nashville | Travel Vlog Part 2-waterfalls near”

  1. TheNorthernKingdom says:

    dude take off the stupid hats. every video the dumb ass hats wtf

  2. TheSunkenGrave says:

    I think you got some rally great footage but, man, I must laugh because you guys are such inexperienced hikers.  But that's okay.  Greeter Falls is actually a pretty easy hike.  Still, wonderful to see such a lovely couple having a good time.  Groove on and hope you return to some of the hundreds of waterfalls just outside Nashville.

  3. Gonz & Oak says:

    Murfreesboro haha. Awesome shots man!


    Love this vlog I've subscribed to your channel. Me and my girlfriend have our own travel channel would love if you could check it out and subscribe!

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