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Some cool waterfalls of the world pictures images:

Wonder of the World
waterfalls of the world pictures
Image by W. Tipton
Joe Parks and I had visited Burney Falls before and weren’t planning to go again on our recent trip up to the Shasta area. However, it became pretty hard to resist after we ran into a local who told us that in his lifetime, he’d never seen the falls looking as beautiful as they were this season. After one failed attempt (we drastically underestimated midday holiday weekend crowds), I’m glad we took his advice.

[Rokinon 16mm f/2.0]

Yosemite Weekend 2
waterfalls of the world pictures
Image by Christian Arballo
The Iconic World Famous Yosemite Falls.


One weekend was not enough, so I made the trek for another one at the very last minute. I have been looking for this POV for so long that I smacked my hand to my forehead of why it took me so long. Also remember that it was my first time at Yosemite last fall, so exploring the valley is still the only tip of the iceberg.

Word got out that the flows are huge! One thing I noticed from this weekend to the first time, it was 10x more crowded. Spring break I believe. So anyway, sad to discover that Glacier Point is closed until May so this trip was more focused on relaxation and valley exploration than a photography tour. 1 thing I saw that I never seen before was a Bobcat at Yosemite Village. I was stunned to see such a little beauty that I forgot I had my camera with me. I only took a photo of it’s behind but wow! A Bobcat! Amazing!

To the next weekend!

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