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With nearly 103 gushing streams and rivers and innumerable hilly mountain tops to its name it is no surprise that the island nation of Sri Lanka is the waterfall capital of the world. Laying claim to the highest number of waterfalls per unit area anywhere on the globe, the pearl of the Indian Ocean leaves nothing to the imagination when it comes to these cascading, frothy beauties that radiate from countless hills that dot the landscapes of this island paradise. Although it is quite literally impossible to list all of Sri Lanka’s breathtaking waterfalls which number over a hundred, here are the highlights of the island’s rich waterfall heritage that most definitely warrant exploration.

The Bambarakanda Ella takes centre stage when it comes to the island’s most visited waterfalls as it is the tallest in the nation. Falling like a bride’s veil from a height of 865 feet, the treasured feature of Bambarakanda is the manner in which the water stream swings back and forth due to strong winds. The second highest fall is of course the famed Diyaluma Waterfall which is often mistaken to be the country’s tallest waterfall due to its ever increasing popularity among tourists. Surging down from 559 feet this cascading wonder is believed to illustrate the ever falling tears of a forlorn lover who lost his beloved while crossing the precipice.  Devon is also a very popular waterfall among visitors as its 318 foot high cascades are simply mesmerizing. Accessible from the Hatton-Nuwara Eliya road, the open space facing the falls creates a perfect observation deck from which to view the gigantic phenomenon.

Dunhinda Falls located near Badulla is also one of Sri Lanka’s most stunning falls that has seen a steady influx of visitors since time immemorial. With its name finding its source in the native language’s term for vapour, the mist covered atmosphere surrounding the falls gives it a romantic and mystical feel.Alupolla Ella is also among the highest falls in Sri Lanka with a height of 200 feet although its columns of waters separate into three parts before reaching the pool at the foot of the fall.

Galagediyana Ella on the other hand is located closer to the capital Colombo on the Dedigama road where the reveredKotavehera Dagoba is also found. Towering above the trees at 35 feet it is also one of the widest waterfalls in the island while the majestic Ravana Ella also reserves a place in the history books as one of the country’s widest falls.  With its legacy steeped in the legend of Ramayana, this frothy fall is said to have been used by Ravana himself to hide Sita. Nourished by the Kirindi River tributary, the 30-foot high fall is very accessibly located on the Ella-Wellawaya route. The heart-shaped Bopath Ella is another breathtaking sight with its water columns rushing down the mountain side in the shape of a Bo leaf. A preferred picnic spot for lovers and families this attraction is also located close to Colombo. Saint Claire Waterfall is the nation’s widest waterfall and is a combination of the falls known as Maha Ella and Kuda Ella. Visible from the main railway tracks situated near Talawakelle, Saint Claire’s propels down in two columns and is also a fall where bathing is permitted.  Reachable from a small footpath, local residents and tourists alike are frequently seen bathing in the cool waters of the pool formed at the base.

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