South America: Iguassu Falls-waterfalls south america

World’s biggest and most beautiful waterfall is so huge you need to visit two counties to see the whole thing. We bring you to the Argentine side to look down from above into the Devil’s Throat, then cross to the Brazilian side where you stand in front looking up at the massive cataract. While staying at Das Cataratas Hotel, now operated by the deluxe Orient Express company, we take a jungle ride, and then go to the music & dance show, with outstanding dinner buffet.

6 Responses to “South America: Iguassu Falls-waterfalls south america”

  1. pumas pumasporvida says:

    Reminds me of my trip to Niagara Falls, very different views Canada and Usa.

  2. наталья кемайкина says:

    the view is magnifique

  3. Montrose Patriot says:

    Tourists should not follow a blonde in a white dress – there are no Mayan pyramids close by (as depicted in Moonraker)…

  4. cageyanderson says:

    really good video

  5. OSMAN T says:

    great informative video. thank you. im going in 2 weeks and had a great idea about what to do .

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